Garage Conversion is going full steam ahead

I had written about the start of the garage conversion and posted pictures that I could get. But, at this point, the old door from the garage into the laundry room has been closed off and walled to turn into my new bathroom door. The new shower stall has been delivered, installed, and the plumbing connected.

Shower Stall

On the right are the grab-bars, on the left (folded up) is the shower seat.

The rest of the room has been framed and had the different inspections done. Framing, plumbing, and electrical inspections have all passed. Those are the last of the inspections needed and the rest of the earnest work may continue.

I did not take this picture myself, since a lot of the framing has been done, it is not accessible to me right now until, either, the cut the entrance to the house, and/or they build a ramp to the new (additional) entrance door.

They are doing the pink insulation and drywall, and, since they have put on a ceiling, will be blowing insulation for the ceiling.