Floor Broken and Pipes Laid

When they started work, Booth Construction broke through my basement floor and laid the pipes to the sewer. This work was done very quickly and efficiently.

Pipes laid and connected

They had to dig my front yard to take and bury the pipes to connect to my sewer line.

Front yard dug

Once all of the pipes and lines were connected, they filled in the trenches cut in the floor and prepared to pour concrete.

Covered, Mesh

This is were the bulk of the higher price is. The other estimate had a mulching toilet listed on the work. This means he didn’t have plans on burying the pipes. I am much happier with buried pipes even though it cost me more. Booth was also sure to have this work county inspected. He also he estimated in time frames for all the different inspections that will need to be done (framing, plumbing, electrical, etc.)