Myong Dong Korean Restaurant Review

Edit: It was suggested that I develop a rating system for my reviews. If you’ve already read this review before, scroll down to the bottom for my rating.

This is my activity review of Myong Dong Korean Restaurant. Myong Dong is a Korean restaurant located off Baltimore Avenue in Beltsville, MD.

Most review the food, but since there are a lot of food reviews, I am reviewing the place itself, but from an accessibility stand point.

I am in a wheel chair, have been for some years now, and while many places are, or are supposed to be, accessible, they meet the minimum standards for accessibility, which are not always comfortable from a realistic view.

The door at the entrance to Myong Dong is wide enough and the side walk has enough room that a lone chair user can open the door to get in.

Once inside, the tables are not close together so a chair user can easily get around even if the restaurant were full of diners.

Pulling up to the table was easy, just moved a chair out of the way, and I was able to get my legs all the way under the table while keeping them on the foot pads (I am 6’1″ tall my legs are not short).

Unfortunately I didn’t use the bathroom so I didn’t get a look.

In all, the experience was one that I was not reminded that I was in a wheel chair.

I give Myong Dong ♿️♿️♿️♿️ Handicapped Placards our of 5 Since I didn’t get to the bathroom.