Where’s the grounds staff?

When it snows, you’d think the grounds staff would, at least, clear the handicapped spaces of a doctor’s office. I got to the office to have blood work done but none of the spaces are clear. It’s not early in the morning (9:30) and the snow isn’t deep (maybe 1/8th inch), it would be nice if those with mobility issues didn’t, also, have to deal with this added inconvenience. Those walking with difficulty have the added threat of slipping. People without walking difficulty can have issues on even a little snow so the ability challenged have two (or more) fold difficulties. Seems to me that a doctors office would have some modicum greater sensitivity.

Alexa just paid off BIG TIME

Ok, I am in my wheelchair but can stand a little by pulling myself up on something. I went into my kitchen and pulled up at the sink, but I got really bad balance and fell over and couldn’t get back into my chair. Like an idiot I left my phone in the living room.

Fortunately, Alexa could hear me call to her. She’s also in the living room, but the microphones are good. I asked Alexa to call my wife, who was at work, so she could call around to friends who could come to help me.

So, for those who don’t see a practical purpose of the voice assistant…She just paid off BIG TIME.