Garage Conversion is done

I know I haven’t updated in a bit (2 weeks), but the garage conversion just completed so here is my wrap up.

I’m going to start, first, by mentioning my contractor again, Booth Construction

So I talked about how Dave Booth, the contractor, was very hands on the whole time. He was on sight the whole time, every day. It’s odd to say, but I’m gonna miss seeing him come to the house every day.

Let me start with the bathroom since that is the main, most important part of the remodel for accessibility. I posted pictures of the shower surround,

But here I’ve taken a panorama of the finished bathroom. Granted it may be difficult to get the scale of the bathroom, but it took this while in my chair and spinning.

Of course I have put in all smart switches so I can turn on any of the lights or fans using an app or with Amazon Alexa.

I also posted that I installed a smart shade that I can also work, manually, with an app, or Alexa. It is also schedulable so I can have it open at a certain time every day and close at, say, sunset every day without thinking about it.

I also took a panorama of the finished room, again, I am spinning in my chair.

It may not be completely observable from the pano, but the door is wide enough for the chair. It is ADA compliant.

As the last finishing step, Dave put on shutters on the front. It’s not something I thought about, so I didn’t ask for them, but they DO make the conversion blend into the rest of the house.

So with this done, I’m going to need to repave the driveway. Dave recommended cutting a lawn strip, separating the new section from the driveway, so it looks less like that’s were the garage was.